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本文摘要:Alibaba recorded better than expected profits and revenues in its third quarter as it played down concerns about China’s flagging economy and an ongoing investigation, ahead of an annual online shopping spree.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在2017财年二季度袭港好于预期的


Alibaba recorded better than expected profits and revenues in its third quarter as it played down concerns about China’s flagging economy and an ongoing investigation, ahead of an annual online shopping spree.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在2017财年二季度袭港好于预期的利润和营收。在一年一度的在线购物派对前夕,该集团淡化了对于中国经济快速增长力弱以及它于是以受到调查的忧虑。The ecommerce group said preparations for Singles Day on November 11 had not been affected by an investigation into its accounting practices by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.这家电子商务集团称之为,11月11日“光棍节”的筹备工作没受到美国证券交易委员会(SEC)对其会计学实践中的调查影响。

As part of its probe the SEC has asked about the large unaudited sales numbers Alibaba publishes for Singles Day. Analysts have said this refers to gross merchandise value, a measure used for total sales across platforms.作为其调查的一部分,SEC对阿里巴巴报告的予以审核的光棍节极大销售额明确提出了问题。分析师们回应,这是所指总商品价值(GMV),用作跨平台总销售额的一种取决于指标。For the first time Alibaba did not report gross merchandise value in the second quarter, but on a conference call with analysts yesterday Daniel Zhang, chief executive, said: “GMV so far looks good and growth is on track.”阿里巴巴在第二财季首次没报告总商品价值,但在昨日面向分析师的电话会议上,首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)说道:“到目前为止,GMV看上去不俗,快速增长维持在轨道上。

”Joe Tsai, executive vice-chairman, said there was “no factual basis” to a story in the New York Post newspaper alleging that a high-level whistleblower was aiding the US regulator.继续执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)回应,《纽约邮报》(New York Post)有关某个高层举报人正在帮助SEC的报导“没事实依据”。The SEC has said its investigation does not mean Alibaba has broken any laws.SEC回应,其调查并不意味著阿里巴巴违背了任何法律。


Alibaba shares climbed more than 4 per cent in pre-market trading in New York but were down 2.4 per cent at lunchtime.阿里巴巴股价在纽约散户前的交易中上升逾4%,但截至午餐时分上升2.4%。Sales in the three months to the end of September were Rmb34.3bn ($5.1bn), 55 per cent higher than a year before, topping Wall Street estimates of Rmb33.9bn. Earnings per share rose to Rmb5.26 from Rmb3.61 a year ago, beating expectations of Rmb4.69.在截至9月底的三个月期间,营收超过343亿元人民币(合51亿美元),同比快速增长55%,多达华尔街估算的339亿元人民币。每股盈余从一年前的3.61元人民币升到5.26元人民币,低于预期的4.69元人民币。Alibaba sells space to merchants on its marketplaces, earning fees and advertising revenues. Revenue growth continued to be strong, despite an economic slowdown across China, mainly thanks to a 47 per cent increase in revenues from online marketing services, the group said. It reported 439m annual active buyers for the period, 14 per cent more than last year.阿里巴巴向商家销售其在线市场的空间,赚收费和广告收益。

该集团称之为,营收快速增长之后强大,尽管中国整体经济快速增长上升,主要归功于在线营销服务的营收减少47%。报告期的年度活跃买家超过4.39亿,同比增加14%。Mr Tsai said Alibaba had fewer limits than its competitors on the amount of advertising its consumers would accept. “We operate a superior marketplace.”蔡崇信回应,就消费者将不会拒绝接受的广告数量而言,阿里巴巴受到的容许多于竞争对手。

“我们经营着一个良好的市场。”He cited technological advances in the use of data to increase click-through rates. “Our ability to personalise every single user interface, so every person coming to the platform can see different products, and different recommendations — that drastically increases our ability to generate relevant clicks... and drive volumes,” said Mr Tsai.他提及利用数据用于方面的技术变革来提升点击率。“我们需要个性化每一个用户界面,使得回到平台的每个人都可以看见有所不同的产品和有所不同的建议,这大大提高了我们产生涉及页面的能力……推展销售,”蔡崇信称之为。

Net income dropped from Rmb22.7bn to Rmb7.1bn after a large non-cash revaluation gain last year from an interest in Alibaba Health.净利润从去年同期的227亿元人民币降到71亿元人民币,主要原因是在阿里健康(Alibaba Health)持有人的权益曾在去年袭港大额非现金重估电子货币收益。Revenue rose 41 per cent in the core ecommerce business to Rmb28.5bn. Its cloud computing unit notched sales growth of 130 per cent to Rmb1.5bn.核心的电商业务营收快速增长41%,超过285亿元人民币。云计算部门销售快速增长130%,超过15亿元人民币。


“We also see huge potential in our newly integrated digital media and entertainment unit,” said Mr Zhang.“我们还看见了我们新近统合的数字媒体和娱乐部门的极大潜力,”张勇回应。